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P3NC is a piglet nutrition company with international and local expertise empowering local farmers to produce high quality homemade piglet feeds and customised feed solutions designed to deliver a prepared, productive, and profitable piglet.

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Working with you to provide the best possible piglet nutrition solutions
Casey van der Bergh

General Manager

Michael Payne

Financial Manager

Ronel van der Westhuizen - P#NC
Ronel van der Westhuizen

Operations Controller


We work with you to provide the best possible solutions for your piglets' nutrition requirements
Casey vd Bergh and piglets
  • We offer specialised piglet nutrition solutions designed to reduce the requirement for in-feed antibiotics and deliver a prepared, productive and profitable piglet.
  • Customised piglet feed formulations, feeding programmes and nutritional consulting.
  • Production & supply of specialised complete piglet feed, feed concentrates and milk products



The Piggy concentrate and complete feed range are specifically formulated to meet piglets’ requirement  for easily digestible, palatable and nutrient dense first feeds so that they may successfully learn to eat, develop their gut and optimise growth.

The feed and concentrates are based on highly digestible cooked cereals, milk products and other specialty ingredients of the highest quality.



P3NC is proud to introduce the Opticare liquid start piglet milk replacer and milk supplement range.

Opticare Milk is a milk replacer for piglets and can be fed from day 2 of age.

Opticare PreShake is a milk supplement connecting milk to the solid feed to allow for a gradual weaning process.

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P3NC Knowledge Base - Customised Piglet Nutrition
P3NC Knowledge Base

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This is where the road to piglet nutrition knowledge begins. Stick around as we add more relevant info and related links to industry articles.

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We work with you to provide the best possible solutions for your piglets' nutrition requirements
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