Plaas TV places piglet nutrition in the spotlight

Piglets need proper care and nutrition in order for them to have a healthy, productive life. The feeding needs of piglets change quickly in the first weeks, so being prepared in advance for each phase will help get your piglets off to a strong nutritional start.  P3NC  are experts in this regard and in 9 September’s episode of Plaas TV, Casey van der Bergh gives us some perspective on the… Read More »Plaas TV places piglet nutrition in the spotlight

Tips for feeding newborn piglets that are small for their age

“As litter size increases, the number of piglets that are too small (light) for their age is increasing. Ensuring these piglets receive appropriate nutrition is part of a greater effort to help them overcome this shortcoming and help them become efficient finisher pigs…” by I. Mavromichalis. Read more HERE

Compensatory growth post weaning- does it exist?

“Compensatory growth is a controversial subject in pig production. Do piglets catch up with their growth when they have suffered from a post-weaning check – or don’t they? Pig management expert John Gadd reaches a remarkable conclusion.” Read more HERE

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This is where the road to piglet nutrition knowledge begins. Stick around as we add more relevant info and related links to industry articles.